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Flyer promotion of stage play at Calvary Community Church

The Hopeless Nosey Neighbor – Stage Play

November 9th at 3:00PM – If you or someone you know needs hope, this is the play for you! This inspirational stage play is full of love, laughter and hope, that will change the way you look at life. LEARN MORE

2019 Fall Programs – Come Join Us!

Mondays – Women’s Bible Study, 9:30 AM “The 40-Day Word Fast” | Learn More

Tuesdays – Adult Bible Study “The Ministry of Angels” & Youth Bible Study, 7:00 PM | Learn More

Wednesdays – Community Prayer Call, 5:30 PM

9:30 am Morning Service
11:15 am Congregational Sunday School
11:15 am Youth Ministry
3:00 pm Men’s Grief & Loss Support Group

Live, Laugh & Love at Calvary Community Church

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